Gippsland Art Gallery - Mosaic Planter Workshop

Gippsland Art Gallery - 70 Foster St, Sale VIC 3850
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Discover the art of mosaic and create your own mosaic planter pot.

In this adult workshop hosted by artist Sherry Fairbrother participants will learn basic mosaicking skills to create a mosaic planter pot. Participants will leave the workshop with a mosaic planter and instructions and materials to complete the grouting process at home (as the glue needs 24 hours to cure). Sherry will demonstrate the grouting technique and process during the workshop.

Mosaic is created by adhering pieces of glass, stone, ceramic and other objects onto a rigid, sealed surface in a predetermined pattern or random design. When the glue has dried the whole object is then grouted.

An introduction to mosaics:

  • Mosaic art began with the ancient Greeks who paved and decorated their floors by arranging small pebbles in simple patterns.
  • The Romans were inspired by this and created their own style of more intricate mosaic patterns decorating their public and private buildings. They spread the art of mosaic across Europe.
  • Present day mosaic, with the introduction of coloured glass and tiles, including found objects and memorabilia, can be very expressive and flamboyant. It is almost limitless what can be turned into a mosaic.

About the Artist:

Mosaic has transported Sherry on a fabulous journey. Taking her inspirational cue from artists Kaffe Fassett and Antoni Gaudi, she’s had lots of fun creating her own works and decorating planters, teapots and many other objects. She has had the opportunity to share her skills teaching overseas and also local workshops.

“One of the greatest joys of creating, for me, is the satisfaction of seeing a work grow from a seed of an idea into a finished piece which is totally unique.”

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