Live - Fragments (The Wedge)

Live Performance

100 Foster St, Sale VIC 3850, Australia
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Thursday Jan 20 from 7:30pm, to 9:30pm
Friday Jan 21 from 7:30pm, to 9:30pm

After two years, Scimm. Dance Professional returns to the stage with its first performance season since 2019. ‘Fragments’ features brand new choreography by Scimm. Dance Company directors Scott Pokorny and Tim Barnes in a variety of small works and pieces showcasing the exceptionally talented dancers of the company.

The performance will feature new music composed by Tiarn Courtice and new choreography by Melissa Pham.

In our universe, matter is constant – it can never be created or destroyed. Through its continuous change, it is always conserved. The same law applies to all of us. As we constantly evolve, we are bursting with energy and explosive potential. ‘Fragments’ explores this concept and asks the question – is our world in pieces, or are we pieces in this world?

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