Loose Ends

100 Foster St, Sale VIC 3850
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Friday Oct 22 from 10:00am, to 11:00am
Friday Oct 22 from 1:30pm, to 2:30pm

With a touch of Wallace and Gromit and Mr. Bean, LOOSE ENDS is a quirky mix of clown powered theatre, objects that come to life and tinker experience, filled with custom built contraptions. It takes you to an eccentric world full of constant surprises, delivering a heartfelt story with lots of irreverent humour.

Follow the comical attempts of a strange inventor to find his place in the world…and all the messy bits on the way. A tale about friendship, Loose Ends is laugh out loud and melancholic. It will have you at the edge of your seat and in the end, it is uplifting and encouraging – come and don’t miss the magic!

Suitable for: Ages 5 – 12 years.