The Art of Annemieke Mein Exhibition

70 Foster St, Sale VIC 3850, Australia
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Annemieke Mein OAM is a global phenomenon. From Rosedale to Russia, the Sale-based artist has inspired generations through her depictions of native Australian wildlife in textiles.

This seventh exhibition of works by Annemieke Mein has been presented in the new, dedicated space within Gallery 1. To the applause of visitors, Annemieke has unveiled three ultramodern textile works of magnificent proportions—only part of her presentation of twenty items from various collections that will be on display until August 2022.

To hail this new and exhilarating direction from our world-renowned wildlife artist, Annemieke has spent the past two years taking her mastery of fabrics and yarn to a breathtaking and innovative level.

Embracing her command of the natural world, each work uses clever placement of fabric layers and imaginative textual effects by incorporating the re-use of thousands of clothing labels—meticulously collected, restored and arrayed with her competent eye for colour—to create a fantastic visual and textural effect.

Her work titled The Bristletail defies expectations and as you observe this primitive wingless insect brought to life as a mammoth, suspended and embellished creature the work leaves you gasping for breath. It seems there is no limit to Annemieke’s creative exploits.

Within the new space of Gallery 1, we are also offered a unique glimpse of an early textile work Christmas Beetles temporarily on loan from a private collection and not seen in a gallery for many, many years. And of course one of the Gippsland Art Gallery’s own outstanding permanent collection items, the White-Faced Heron in all its glory.

A quick peek into Annemieke’s life sees the inclusion of her Great Grandmother’s sewing box from the 1800s and the first sewing machine Annemieke was gifted as a young child. To observe with privilege the steps taken in design and development of various works, along with a hint of the artist that she would become, makes for another brilliant exhibition of The Art of Annemieke Mein.

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