Watercourse Exhibition - Gippsland Art Gallery

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70 Foster St, Sale VIC 3850
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Monday Jun 21 from 12:00am, to 12:00am
Tuesday Jun 22 from 12:00am, to 12:00am
Wednesday Jun 23 from 12:00am, to 12:00am
Thursday Jun 24 from 12:00am, to 12:00am
Friday Jun 25 from 12:00am, to 12:00am
Saturday Jun 26 from 12:00am, to 12:00am
Sunday Jun 27 from 12:00am, to 12:00am

'Watercourse' celebrates the deep relationship humans have to the water. Featuring 33 works from the Gippsland Art Gallery Collection, this online exhibition juxtaposes works across mediums, themes and periods to examine this connection.

Flowing between images that depict Victoria including Sale, Wilson’s Promontory, Bairnsdale, and Lake’s Entrance, viewers can spot locations that they may have visited.

Further into the exhibition we highlight the moody landscape, featuring the neutral tones and eerie vistas.

And finally, people can be found within the landscape, including via boats, fishing and viewing the destruction that can be wrought by the sea.

This exhibition features artists including Mary Harris, John Marshall, Charles Henry Turner, Mary Angelina Phillips, John Balmain, Charles McCubbin, Alan Grieve, Drew Gregory, Jim Paterson, Valmai Todd, Arthur Markham, Gillian Kline, Jane Burton, Jo Scicluna, Tracy Roberts, Anne Montgomery, Thomas De Kessler, Lorna Chick, Laurence Kermond, Victor Greenaway, Alma Figuerola, Ernest Buckmaster, Janina Green, Jan Hendrik Scheltema, Kevin Lincoln, Percy Masters, Nicholas Chevalier, Alan Sumner, Izabela Pluta, Peter Gardiner and Rozalind Drummond.

A selection of works will be on display on Level 2 at the Port of Sale, Wellington Centre from 11 February to 27 June 2021.

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