The Bean Pedlar

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259 commercial rd, yarram, vic, 3971
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MURAL History of the Mattern shop

MURAL LOCATION – The Bean Pedlar, 259 Commercial Rd, Yarram VIC 3971 (inside the shop)

“Growing up in Yarram, I have fond memories of visiting certain shops in our community. They were meeting places for locals to come together and were more than just a shop. Our family bought the shop in mid-2019, and we want to make sure that this important legacy remained true.

The mural reflects a transition in the history for the store – from the Mattern family until now.
The shop is about to enter a new chapter of life and will soon become a new attraction for the Gippsland community. The second half of the mural shows myself, Dougal, my parent’s dog, a coffee field, and coffee beans. We will be importing and roasting coffee beans from all over the world, bringing them to the heart of Yarram.

Our hope is that the shop will not only offer a great cup of coffee, but a memorable experience due to the unique atmosphere and rich history. We want people to take in the smells and the sounds of coffee roasting, and the wonderful social aspects this brings.

We are deeply passionate about the Yarram community and want to give back to the area that has given our family so much.

We can’t wait to open ‘The Bean Pedlar’ and hope it will be a new cultural meeting place that conjures memories like I had as a child.”  Robert Drakeford – Business Manager 

THE MURAL DESIGN – “I took several photos of Robert and we finally settled on the one that now features on the wall inside the soon to be Coffee Roasting Business. It was great to have a wall inside out of the weather for Heesco to move to when the rains set in for a few days.

The previous building owner who has now retired to Sydney is extremely proud to see his family history featuring on a new business springing up in downtown Yarram.”  Wayne Tindall – Artist/film maker

ABOUT THE MURAL – Depicted on the right-hand side of this Heesco artwork is Victor Hugo Mattern who is one of the sons of Franz Peter Mattern who established the original hardware store established in this building in 1887. He is the grandfather of Peter Williams – a fourth generation family owner. Mattern’s Hardware was established here in the 1880s and the Bean Pedlar mural aims to honour this rich heritage.

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