The picnic that packs a punch!

Time: 1hr 36min
Distance: 116km

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Stratford -> Maffra -> Glenmaggie -> Sale -> Stratford

Grab the family and gear up for a day of road tripping, picnicking, and wonderful local eats.


Stratford 5

Start your day in Stratford, head to the Stratford Bakery where you can grab some fresh baked bread to pop in your picnic basket. While in Stratford, also visit Wa-De-Lock Cellar Door - where you'll find an amazing array of local produce (nudge nudge - wink wink *Maffra Cheese* is our go to!).

If you need a gentle walk, follow the Stratford Arts Trail, an interactive trail throughout the town.


Myrtlebank Roaming Farms High Res 05

After you've had your fill of fun on the Stratford Arts Trail, get on the road and find your way to Maffra (we recommend a stop at Myrtlebank Roaming Farms for more local produce!). When you hit Maffra town itself, stop in at the Gippsland Vehicle Collection - where you'll find a rotating display of vintage vehicles, bikes, motorcycles and miniatures.

Stop in at Maffra IGA for any deli items that hit the spot!


Glenmaggie200115 Gippsland 82

We have the ideal picnic spot for you! Head to Glenmaggie, where you'll find the Weir Wall - a perfect stopping place with play equipment for the kids, serene waters and on the odd occasion, you may even see the water being let out at the dam, which is a sight to behold!

Enjoy a quiet picnic with the family and relax while overlooking this amazing part of the world.


Gippsland Art Gallery

Once you've eaten your fill, and the kids are tuckered out, pack the car back up and head to Sale. Stop in at the Port of Sale and enjoy a bit of culture with the Gippsland Art Gallery, let the kids have fun with the Children's Library or simply find a place to chill out.

The Gift Shop as a range of local produce too, so why not grab your favourite jam or marmalade for breakfast?

Shake it up in Stratford


To end the day, continue back onto Stratford, stop in at the Shake Shack for an afternoon treat and visit Apex Park for an end of day play!