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Check out all of the latest job vacancies available in The Middle of Everywhere - you'll find everything from apprenticeships, professional services and more casual work on offer. Use our handy search tool to find your next opportunity.

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Endless Opportunities

In the natural backyard of your dreams, The Middle of Everywhere packs a punch when it comes to a thriving, regional centre.

Home to 14,000 residents, the regional hub of Sale has plenty to offer when it comes to employment and opportunities for new business. Each of the smaller, surrounding townships also have their own set of wonderful opportunities – it might surprise you what type of exciting career opportunities are dotted throughout the region.

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Feel Like a Career Change?

The Middle of Everywhere has an incredibly diverse economy, boasting a range of industries including energy, defence, agriculture as well growing sectors such as health care, education, commerce, hospitality, tourism and professional services. With a range of skilled and unskilled jobs on offer, there’s no need to go far for an honest day’s work. Or, why not set up shop and work for yourself? Plus, there’s this thing you can do these days called the telecommute, if that’s more your style.

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Never Commute Again

If that’s not enough to sway you, perhaps a 5-minute commute to work, a car park (yes, you read that correctly) and a cruisy drive home for lunch will change your mind!

Take a closer look a the job vacancies on offer in the region and listen to some of the local stories of why so many people love to live and work in The Middle of Everywhere! So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get job hunting.