Founded in 1883 coinciding with the construction of the railway line, the town initially bore the name La Trobe. Just one year later, in December 1884, it assumed the name Glengarry. The renaming of the town was accompanied by a surge in agricultural activity, as the fertile lands surrounding the town became a haven for farming and dairy enterprises.

Distinguished by its picturesque tree-lined avenues, a sight decorated with large red ribbons during the festive season, Glengarry encapsulates a memorable rural essence. Anchored by a historic town hall, charming churches and hotel, the town's genuine country character remains steadfast.

Beyond its visible charm, Glengarry boasts a vibrant community that cherishes its heritage while embracing modernity. The heartbeat of the community resides along the main street, where a supermarket, hair salon, pharmacy, post office, and an inviting country pub, a hub of live entertainment, beckon travelers and locals alike. The town's facilities include the Apex Park, a playground, a primary school, sports grounds, and an active skate park.

Venturing along the Gippsland Plains Rail Trail, which follows the course carved by the former railway from Traralgon to Stratford, visitors and cyclists are met with a reprieve upon arriving in Glengarry. This scenic passage showcases vistas of sprawling farmland and, to the north, the majestic silhouette of the Great Dividing Range. The original Glengarry station has been transformed into a quaint cafe aptly named Platform 3854 Cafe, inviting travelers to refuel.

Events, such as the Annual Glengarry Races and monthly Glengarry Market, enable the region's equestrian and agricultural production to be enjoyed by residents and visitors.

The nearby Narkoojee Winery and Restaurant is a must-do. Garnering a prestigious five-star distinction in James Halliday's revered Wine Companion, this establishment is a haven for wine enthusiasts and a testament to Glengarry's regional charm.

Only a short 10-minute drive to Traralgon, Glengarry continues to be a welcoming haven for those seeking a balance between tranquil countryside living and easy access to modern amenities. It's enduring charm and community spirit make it a destination brimming with both historical allure and contemporary vitality.

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