Avon River

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Stratford VIC 3862, Australia
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The Avon River, stretching 122 km in length, originates on the southeastern slopes of Mount Wellington, nestled beneath Miller Spur, a part of the Great Dividing Range within the Avon Wilderness Park. From its mountainous beginnings, the river flows in a meandering path, generally heading south, then east, and finally south by southeast. Along its journey, it is joined by ten tributaries, including the Turton River and the Perry River, before reaching its mouth, where it forms Lake Wellington to the east of Sale and southeast of Stratford.

This river is characterized by its broad and shallow nature, boasting a width that varies from 16 to 50 meters. Such dimensions make it an accessible and welcoming destination for anglers and swimmers of all skill levels. The landscape transitions from a densely forested wilderness in its upper reaches to more open farmland as it progresses downstream. Notably, there are extensive pools along the river, some exceeding depths of 150cm, adding to the allure of this natural waterway.

One of the most captivating features of the Avon River is its diverse aquatic ecosystem. The river hosts a wide variety of fish species, making it a favored spot for both recreational and professional anglers. Among the common fish species found in the Avon are brown trout, Australian grayling, short-finned and long-finned eel, European carp, redfin, and a thriving population of Australian bass. Additionally, the river is home to smaller fish species such as galaxias, eastern dwarf galaxias, flathead gudgeon, and southern pygmy perch, all contributing to the ecological richness of the waterway.

Beyond its appeal to fishing enthusiasts, the Avon River is celebrated for its scenic beauty. As it gracefully meanders through lush landscapes, it offers picturesque vistas that captivate nature lovers, photographers, and outdoor adventurers alike.