Cowwarr Weir

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Cowwarr Weir, Cowwarr VIC 3857, Australia
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Cowwarr Weir is popular spot for recreation and non-powered water activities and is an ideal place for a day trip with the whole family.

Cowwarr Weir is a spectacular spot that is well patronised for swimming, kayaking, fishing and picnicking, with lots of shady spots by the water. There are pleasant walks around the reserve and it is popular with bird-watchers. There are picnic tables and toilets and but please note there are no bbq facilities.

No powered boats are allowed on the weir. 


Cowwarr Weir is located in Gippsland near the township of Cowwarr.

Cowwarr supplies water to the Macalister Irrigation District and levels can vary throughout the year.

Hours of operation

Cowwarr Weir is open between 8am and 8pm.