Macalister River Regional Park Playground

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2 River Street, Maffra VIC 3860
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Beautifully crafted playground with lots of fun, unusual elements.

Includes a large inverted V-shaped see-saw which moves on all axis's, enclosed farmyard with cow sculptures, cube climbing structure with climbing wall, hanging ladder and rope climbing frame, spiders web climbing frame, three swings, little hill with dual slides and tunnel, a donut shaped thing which moves around in a circle, three stand-on spinners, lamb, cow and pig springers, sandpit with mechanical scoop and a large circular path which winds to a centre with a totem pole.

Shelter with BBQs, seat carved from a log and an open shelter with a table.

Beautifully landscaped area around a rocky watercourse with bridge and walkway across it. There are tables, and open spaces to enjoy. Toilet facilities and river access (with steep banks, so care should be taken) are nearby.

Open 24/7