Port Albert

Port Albert is a small picturesque fishing village situated at the southern end of the Ninety Mile Beach. The Port nestles on the shores of the Nooramunga Marine and Wildlife Reserve and was the site of one of Victoria's first European settlements. With a reputation for recreational fishing, scenic boat tours and award-winning eateries, Port Albert is the ultimate coastal destination. The quaint fishing village is a photographer's dream, while artists, anglers, historians and walkers will relish in what Port Albert has to offer.

This historic village, characterized by its well-preserved buildings, retains its status as a bustling commercial port and is increasingly becoming a favored holiday retreat, particularly when the weather turns warm. If you're into boating and fishing, there's a boat ramp, boat club and wharf, plus a number of hidden beaches to explore that are only accessible by water.

Take a stroll on the wharf, breathe in the fresh, salty air and enjoy a fish and chip picnic overlooking the stunning inlet. There are also some great leisurely trails to enjoy including the Tarra Cycling Trail as well as the Old Port Walking Trail.

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