Offshore Wind Farm – Star of the South

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310 Commercial Rd, Yarram VIC 3971
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MURAL Offshore Wind Farm – Star of the South

MURAL LOCATION – The Star of the South, 310 Commercial Rd, Yarram VIC 3971 (inside the office)

WHY WE BECAME INVOLVED – “When Anne Tindall from The Yarram Bull bar first put the idea to us that we could have a Heesco Mural in our new offices in Yarram, we jumped at the opportunity. We love the murals around town and look forward to working in our new offices looking across at the wonderful images Heesco has created for us.” Erin Coldham – Chief Development Officer”

THE MURAL DESIGN – “I discussed potential themes with the Star of the South team, and we settled on wind turbines at sea with a stunning sunset scene. I played around with these ideas and final came up with an image of a father and daughter looking out to sea (a symbol of a brighter cleaner future), with the turbines in full view. I think it has worked out very well.”

 Wayne Tindall – Artist/film maker

ABOUT THE MURAL – Star of the South is Australia’s first offshore wind project. Proposed to be located off the south coast of Gippsland, it has the potential to supply up to 20% of the State of Victoria’s electricity needs while creating jobs and investment. If developed to its full potential, Star of the South would generate up to 2.2 GW of new capacity, powering up to 1.8 million homes across the state. The offshore wind farm is proposed to be located 7-25km off the south coast of Gippsland near towns such as Port Albert, McLoughlin’s Beach and Woodside Beach.

Turbines would be installed out at sea and spaced apart to allow room for boats to navigate through.r

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