Tarra Bulga National Park

Tarra Bulga National Park is located in the Strzelecki Ranges, and is just one of four major areas of cool temperate rainforest in the state. Among the park's features are its lush, moist gullies, giant Mountain Ash trees and beautiful tree ferns.

A perfect park to visit in all seasons, Tarra Bulga allows you to escape the heat and explore the cool forest in the hot summer months. The rainforest looks its best in winter, with leaves glistening and creeks flowing through the gullies and nearby waterfalls. When the temperature plummets, visitors are sometimes greeted by a spectacular white blanket of snow.

There are a number of beautiful walking trails to enjoy for all ages and abilities, plus a number of more challenging tracks for experienced walkers. A popular short walk is a visit to the impressive Corrigan Suspension Bridge which straddles a lush fern gully with beautiful views of the rainforest floor below. There are also a number of excellent picnic spots to stop at and enjoy the scenery at the Visitor Centre picnic area or the Tarra Valley picnic area.

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