Grand Strzelecki Track

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Tarra Bulga National Park, Bulga Park Road Balook VIC 3971
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110km of walking tracks around Tarra Bulga NP and linked to Morwell NP in South Gippsland.

Home to the tallest flowering hardwood trees on earth, the majestic Mountain Ash makes the Strzelecki Ranges of Gippsland like no other place. These massive trees and prolific jungle-like undergrowth that cloaked these ranges became known as The Great Forest of South Gippsland, or simply The Great Forest.

Until The Grand Strzelecki Track was built, most of these forests were inaccessible to the public except for short walks in the two national parks. Now bushwalkers can traverse from park to park and enjoy extended walks beyond park boundaries, discovering clear mountain streams, hidden natural treasures, waterfalls, sweeping views, rare and endangered ecosystems, and flora and fauna that most visitors to the region have never seen. Amongst this fauna is the South Gippsland Koala, which is a healthy and genetically intact wild koala population unique in Victoria. The Grand Strzelecki Track also reveals the amazing and sometimes tragic sawmilling and settlement history of the Strzelecki Ranges, along with recent conservation initiatives to preserve and restore our natural heritage.

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