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Dermody Rd, Boisdale VIC 3860, Australia
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Situated in the Avon Mount Hedrick Scenic Reserve, Huggett’s Crossing and Dermody’s Camp are on the Avon River and offer visitors basic camping sites, picnic facilities, and swimming holes. They also provide access to the Avon River Trail. Both sites are flat and provide reasonable access for visitors with disabilities. Huggett’s Crossing is the only site within the reserve with a toilet. 

The Avon River winds majestically through the 5700 ha. reserve, over time sculpting beautiful gorges from the surrounding landscape. Complementing this is dry open forest with a diversity of wildflowers as well as rocky escarpments and several high peaks with sweeping views of the surrounding area. The Channel is the centrepiece of the reserve; a magnificent gorge created by the Avon River carving its way through the silt and sandstone over millennia. The steep sides of the gorge are covered in native vegetation, with shady Casuarinas in abundance. Crags punctuate the riverbed, creating a system of pools and rapids that provide important habitat for aquatic life.

For visitors seeking a picnic with a view, Huggett and Green Hill lookouts afford panoramic views of the forest region. They can both be accessed by vehicle along Huggett Track. Pearson Point offers basic picnic facilities as well as spectecular views of the surrounding farmland. The Channel Overlook also offers basic picnic facilities and a full view of the gorge and the river far below. Access to The Channel and the Avon River is via a walking track starting from the car park. During warm weather Wombat Crossing & Huggett's Crossing provide shady picnic areas with easy access to the Avon River.

Please note: Not all parks or campgrounds allow campfires. Make sure you check the park signs in the campground before you light a campfire.

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