Dingo Trax 4wd Tag Along Tours

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Dingo Trax Tag Along Tours are open to all levels of skill, ability and experience. Whether you’re a seasoned 4WD enthusiast or completely new to it all - and don’t quite have the confidence and know-how to go it alone - we have your back!

Our team offers years of experience and a passion for exploring the vast Australian landscape. When you combine this with a desire to help other 4WD adventure seekers experience all this great country of ours has to offer in the comfort of their own vehicle, you're going to enjoy one hell of an adventure you won't forget in a hurry!

Dingo Trax is ready to show the inexperienced adventurer how to get out and explore Australia’s remote wilderness in their very own vehicle. Whether it's by themselves, with a group of mates, or the whole family! We want to showcase the best this great country of ours has to offer in the safe hands of highly-skilled bushmen.

Some Dingo Trax adventurers will be surprised to know what their vehicle is truly capable of. At times, they might even feel completely out of their comfort zone. And that is completely natural. We’ve all been there.

What makes the world of difference is the team of experts who will be on-hand to guide them every kilometre of the way.

They will gain so much confidence and become at one with their vehicle after a Dingo Trax adventure.

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