Glenmaggie Weir Reserve

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Weir Road, Glenmaggie VIC 3858
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Glenmaggie Weir Reserve is a stunning area that overlooks Lake Glenmaggie and the Glenmaggie Weir. Throughout the year, you may be lucky enough to see the Weir Wall open and let out massive amounts of water to feed the Macalister Irrigation District that continues downstream.

Lake Glenmaggie is popular for boating, fishing, swimming and picnics, and has long been a family favourite destination for those in the area. It has recently become a mecca for water sports, hosting annual power boat races in the summer months.

Within the reserve, you'll find a playground, with basic equipment and an open area that has a large amount of room for older children, or the whole family to play nearby. You will also find many tables and seating areas, along with BBQ facilities and public toilets nearby.

Open 24/7