Macalister River

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Macalister River, Licola VIC 3858, Australia
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The Macalister River plays an important role in the farming and irrigation sector within The Middle of Everywhere. The river starts below Mount Howitt (a part of the Great Dividing Range), and flows generally south by east in a highly meandering course. The Macalister River is joined by fifteen tributaries including the Caledonia, Wellington and Barkly Rivers, and is impounded by the Glenmaggie Dam that creates Lake Glenmaggie before it reaches the confluence with the Thomson River just south of Maffra.

Along its journey, the Macalister River descends approximately 1530 metres over its 177km course. The fertile flats and valley floor of the Macalister River strongly supports agriculture around the town of Licola, and further downstream towards Maffra.

The Macalister River is a great spot for those keen anglers, who are itching to dip a line. Throughout the Macalister, you may be able to hook brown trout, redfin, river blackfish, Gippsland spiny crayfish, European carp and possibly some short-finned and long-finned eels. The best fishing is in spring and autumn. Stocked regularly with rainbow trout by The Victorian Fisheries Authority.