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Lake Tali Karng, Victoria, Australia
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The trip to Tali Karng is an adventurer's dream. Three walking tracks lead to the lake, ranging from 13km to 20km one-way. Whichever you take, you'll need to be fit and experienced, and have everything you need for a full day's walk on hand (see the Visitor Guide for more details). 

Each of the tracks offers a different landscape to experience. Trek across Wellington Plains or ford the Wellington River. The remoteness of the area makes it a magnificent camping spot.

Make camp at Nyimba Camp near the southern end of the Wellington Plains walking track, or below the lake in the Valley of Destruction. Nyimba Camp has toilets and fireplaces. 

Tali Karng is the only natural lake within the Victorian Alps. Held behind a rock barrier created thousands of years ago, the underground stream it feeds emerges at the infant Wellington River 150m below in the Valley of Destruction.

The first people to call this area home were the Gunaikurnai people, most likely members of the Brayakaulung clan. Aboriginal people guided many European explorers and gold miners through the mountains along well-used pathways, which now form some of today's road and track network. 

Tali Karng is a sacred place to the Gunaikurnai and in keeping with their law, Aboriginal people are forbidden to go there. 

Aboriginal people do not oppose non-indigenous people visiting Tali Karng as long as they treat the area with respect. Camping at the lake is disrespectful, so please treat the area with care as you pass by the lake and camp elsewhere.