Covid Heroes – Memorial Gardens

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MURAL Covid Heroes

MURAL LOCATION – Entrance to Memorial Park Yarram VIC 3971


In 2020, The Office of the Governor of Victoria commissioned Heesco® Khosnaran to paint this impressive mural to recognise and thank the many frontline workers who have cared for Victorians throughout the devastating summer bushfires of 2020, and the subsequent COVID-19 pandemic.

After seeing the Heesco Town murals on a recent ABC news report, The Office of the Governor commissioned Heesco™ Khosnaran to paint an impressive 7X4 metre mural to recognise and thank the many frontline workers who have cared for Victorians across throughout the devastating summer bushfires of 2020 and the subsequent COVID-19 pandemic.

The Governor’s Office said: “While it wasn’t possible to include a representation of every organisation that has had an impact this year, it was intended that the image serve as a reminder that those on the frontline are ordinary people who do extraordinary things, stepping up for others, as and when needed. In realising this project, it was also important to recognise the devastating blow suffered by Victoria’s creative industries during COVID-19. To that end, hoarding being used towards the end of a ten-year repair and conservation program at Government House was seen to be a perfect canvas for this artwork, painted by Melbourne street artist Heesco.”

The mural was on display at Government House for several months , where it formed the backdrop to a range of ‘Thank You’ events and has given many Victorians the opportunity to view the incredible work up close.

The mural has now been donated to Yarram (Heesco Town) at the request of the artist

A hand over took place on Thursday afternoon April 29th with a formal Civic Ceremony in the Memorial Gardens hosted by the Friends of Heesco Town and the Wellington Shire. The Governor then took the opportunity to visit the other murals in and around Yarram followed by visits to local businesses and a highlights tour in and around this historic part of Victoria.

This ‘Thankyou’ mural forms a natural gateway to Heesco Town. From here you can set out to explore the other wonderful murals that make up the Heesco Town Art Trail, many with historical significance and interesting back stories which can be found on the Heesco Town website. Wayne Tindall – Artist/film maker

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