Jersey Cows – Lowrie Family Mural

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MURAL Jersey Cows - Lowrie Family Mural

MURAL LOCATION – 251 Commercial Road, Yarram VIC 3971


The mural represents the wonderful Jersey cow’s presence, and dairy families’ tradition in the local area and depicts Marg and Gordon’s two children taken on their first day of ownership of the 329 acre property “Brookfield” in the Greig Creek valley at Won Wron. They were only the 3rd owners since selection and had been held by the McLean family for over 90 years.

With the property they also purchased the Brookfield Jersey Stud and so began their 35 year career in dairy farming and their love of the Jersey breed.

Still today there is a large nucleus of Jersey cows in the Won Wron valley.

Over the years due to excellent breed characteristics and high production figures the Stud had 3 bulls enter the AI breeding centre, with VAB and made available for breeding with other farmers. Depicted is a fine example, Brookfield Red Victory.

Also featured in the mural is the cow carrying ear tattoo No 1 in the stud herd.
She is pictured at 14 years of age with her last heifer calf carrying ear tattoo No 500 which was a great milestone for the family to reach in the Stud breeding program.

WHY WE BECAME INVOLVED – ” We simply wanted to celebrate our love of the Jersey breed and leave a lasting memory of Brookfield. The stud was dispersed upon our retirement in 2015 with all cows purchased by 2 local farmers. Their breeding heritage can still be seen in the local dairying area to this day.” Marg & Gordon Lowrie

THE MURAL DESIGN – “Marg approached me in the early days with a couple of small photos of her beloved Jersey Breed cow. Another photo of the bull arrived later with a separate photo of the kids at Brookfield. I played around with them for some time and finally came up with a fun image that has certainly brightened up the main street of Yarram. ”

Wayne Tindall – Artist/film maker

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