Glenmaggie / Coongulla

Nestled adjacent to the pristine waters of Lake Glenmaggie, you'll discover two charming townships: Glenmaggie and Coongulla. These quaint communities are rich in history and offer a serene escape for nature enthusiasts and water sports aficionados alike.

Lake Glenmaggie is a vital water storage dam for the Macalister Irrigation District. Beneath its expansive surface are the submerged remnants of the original Glenmaggie township and the fertile farms of the past.

Whether you're an angler seeking the perfect catch, a thrill-seeker eager for water skiing adventures, or a power boating enthusiast craving open waters, Lake Glenmaggie has it all. The Weir Wall area provides a tranquil picnic spot and an observation point where you can marvel at the spillway and the hydroelectricity generation station.

For those who relish the great outdoors, a leisurely stroll around the lake and through Glenmaggie Regional Park promises an enchanting encounter with nature, offering a wealth of opportunities to connect with the local flora and fauna. Just a stone's throw away from Lake Glenmaggie, the Blores Hill Mountain Bike Park beckons adrenaline junkies and mountain biking enthusiasts with its network of thrilling trails through lush forested terrain, providing an exhilarating way to explore the region's natural beauty.

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