Lions Park Sale

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McLachlan Street, Sale VIC 3850
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Lions Park in Sale is a great area for the whole family to enjoy. For the younger kids, the playground at the McLachlan's Street end has a fairly extensive play structure with a wave slide, curved slide, shop front, ladder, rigid frame bridge, balance beam with obstacles, low horizontal bar, chain bridge, hanging chain traverse, two climbing walls, rope spiders web climbing frame, high horizontal bar and flying fox. Also a horse springer and swings.

For the older kids (or those who are getting into riding), the newly constructed pump track is the perfect space to ride in. The space caters for all levels of experience, even the young or young at heart can start on the recommended beginner’s space and advance through as technical skills develop.

There are also two unshaded seating areas and a sheltered with two tables and BBQ for the whole family to enjoy a bite to eat before or after a big day out. Between both play areas, you'll find a large open field, which can be perfect for games as a family.

Open 24/7