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West Sale General Aviation Terminal
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Beautiful views of Gippsland Lakes and 90 Mile Beach.

Stimulate all your senses as you take to the skies in an ex-military fighter plane! Your expert pilot will blast over Gippsland, performing unreal aerobatic manoeuvres over the world below. Catch scenic vistas of Gippsland Lakes and 90 Mile Beach while you are inverted.

What's Included?

Spine-tingling aerobatic flight in an ex-military fighter plane with a highly experienced ex-RAAF pilot and safety briefing.

Calling all dare devils!

Experience the rush of over 4G's in an ex-military fighter plane during this aerobatic flight! After a comprehensive pre-flight briefing with a professional pilot, you'll don your helmet and goggles being escorted out onto the tarmac. Get strapped into the aircraft by the ground crew and feel your heart drop as you take off. Your expert pilot will head up to the clouds over Gippsland and perform awesome aerobatic manoeuvres.

As it's just you and your pilot, you can choose how wild or mild you'd like to go. Whilst you're inverted, be sure to take in views of Gippsland Lakes, 90 Mile Beach and the Great Dividing Range.

Also enquire about our dogfighting adventure formation flight where you get to 'shoot down' your mate whilst conducting aerobatics in formation in supercharged radial engine warbirds over Gippsland.

The team at Combat Flights Gippsland can take you on either 15, 25 or 35 minute flights.

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